Platform overview

At the core of our platform, our Individual Customer Profile big data dataset continues to grow exponentially with data on shoppers’ location, preferences, clickstream interaction, and purchase history. Our scalable, modular architecture delivers personalized experiences for Search, Recommendations, Category, and Landing Pages, Content Personalization, and Email, all made smarter with E-Commerce AI that’s continuously uncovering hidden relationships across broad and growing combinations of products, attributes, visitor interactions, and their subtle preferences. The Customer Engagement Console is a self-service command center for merchandisers, marketers and customer service professionals to interact with the Reflektion system at the level of automation they choose.

Connected customer journey across digital touchpoints

We believe that eCommerce personalization is most effective when it’s done completely and  consistently. With our comprehensive approach, customers get a connected and integrated experience across all digital touch points in the journey–search, recommendations, category/landing pages, personalized content, and email. 

The Reflektion Customer Engagement Platform delivers best-in-class, highly engaging, predictive, and individualized shopping experiences so that brands and retailers can drive more revenue and delight every visitor. Intuitive, easy to use, scalable, and delivered in the cloud, hyper-personalization is now accessible for every online brand and retailer.


Visually rich and interactive insights

We built the Reflektion Customer Engagement Platform in the cloud, so any marketing and merchandising manager, at every brand and retailer can deploy plug and play visitor experiences—and see the impact of it all with visual analytics and executive reports. We provide an interactive, visual analytics dashboard through which you can monitor, analyze and optimize your personalization strategies. KPIs can be reviewed at multiple levels (site, page, category, product, keyword) and drill down all the way to personalized component level—giving you total control of your business performance.

Read what 451 Research has to say about Reflektion

“Reflektion’s AI-enabled personalization platform weighs both the ‘what’ and ‘why’ equally, giving a more complete picture for its machine-learning algorithms to work with. This includes the ability to recognize patterns, comprehend intent, predict, problem solve, identify actions and make decisions, which can result in creating a more immersive shopping experience.”

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