We've found opportunities to improve your shopper experience

  1. Preview & Full Search: align search results with preferences i.e. gender, color
  2. Recommendations: more relevant recommendation widgets, strategic placements and more
  3. BOPIS: promote the products at your local store after showing intent to pick up instore

Analysis & Opportunity

That's where Reflektion comes in ...

Reflektion delights your shoppers with a seamless digital experience. From search to sale, we help you create relevant experiences that drive conversions. 

How can Express benefit?

After our initial evaluation of Express.com, our team believes Reflektion can:

  • Increase your revenue per visit by 12%
  • Reduce to cost of maintenance and vendor expenses by 25%
  • That is a net difference of $12M plus $300K for a total of $12,300,000 per year

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