Business Challenge

A leading online multi-category retailer is revolutionizing the rent-to-own industry. After initially deploying Reflektion recommendations on their site, they saw a significant bump in conversion rate. However, the eCommerce team’s job was not done. They continued to search for new ways to optimize the shopper experience. 

Despite generating substantial traffic to the homepage, the “one size fits all” experience was not converting browsers to buyers at the rate they wanted. Whether you were a first-time or returning visitor the experience was static. 


By leveraging Reflektion modules within HTML blocks on the homepage, they dynamically curated the most relevant products for the individual shopper. The rent-to-own retailer created a personalized experience from the home page to checkout. 


Within the first week of deploying the dynamic home page, the retailer:

  • Increased paid search conversion rate by 14%
  • Increased Checkout completion by 5%
  • Reduced bounce rate by 4%
  • Increased new shopper checkout completion by 2.5%
  • Decreased checkout abandonment by 10.5%

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