Impactful Mobile Experiences Anywhere

Reflektion delivers fully responsive mobile experiences that are optimized for each shopper (regardless of device). By prioritizing products of individual interest across mobile site search and product merchandising, brands significantly impact mobile engagement, return visits, conversion, and revenue per visitor.

Predictive Product Merchandising on Small Screens

Reflektion optimizes the design and layout of predictive product merchandising to fit every mobile site and every shopper’s screen. Respond to real-time intent of each mobile shopper with highly individualized product merchandising that piques their interest, and engagement.

Mobile Search with Individualized Results

Reflektion’s Individualized Site Search facilitates smarter and faster searching on mobile devices, tailoring every result set to the unique shopper and their current shopping experience. Instead of scrolling through pages of generic results, improve discovery and consideration for every mobile visitor by presenting on-target products immediately.

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